Examples of search diary entries:

#1: Ashlee, 20yrs, second year student

Query:  Roxbury cinema showings

Search: I typed into Google, ” Roxbury cinema showings” and chose the first option which led me to the Roxbury website. I trusted it because it was the official website of the company I was searching for.  [sic]

#2: Tyla-Jade, 18yrs, final year school student

Query:  Results for the Euro2012 

Search:  Instead of looking the information up on Google I typed into the http box www.supersport.com. This took me straight to the supersport website.on the homepage I clicked on the link that said soccer. This took to all the scores of all the group stages of the football. I trusted this information because I have been watching the soccer of supersport everyday since the start of the tournament. [sic] 

#3: Sian, 19yrs, third year student

Query: I wanted to see the new music video for Chris Brown’s new song ‘Till I die’

Search: I went to YouTube and typed in the song name and the artist (Chris Brown) and the first option was the ‘Till I die- Official Music Video’ so I selected this. I use YouTube almost every day and I have always managed to find what I am looking for, it is also a very well known website to find video’s on and YouTube always has music video’s uploaded before any other websites.  [sic]

#4: Tristan, 19yrs, second-year student

Query: The starting time of the rugby game being played between South Africa versus England on 16 June 2012.

Search: I did a Google search for ‘Supersport’, and then selected the first option which came up as it was the Supersport website. Then I proceeded to the fixtures section on the website. I had searched on this site previously and they have always provided the correct information before.  [sic]

#5: Sian, 19yrs, third-year student 

Query: Another Rhodes University student’s email address to send them exam summary notes

Search: I went onto the Rhodes University website and went into the student directory which allows you to search by surname to find other students email addresses. I trusted this information because the university would more than likely not have incorrect information for individuals on the directory and students are always asked to update and correct their details at the beginning of every year if anything is seen to be incorrect.  [sic]