Examples of search diary entries:

 #1: Kyle, 20yrs, first year student

Query: Information on Identity and Diversity in Anthropology

Search: I went onto Google and searched ‘Identity and Diversity’. I recognised John Locke as a theorist on this topic so I opened a link to that site. I the narrowed my search to ‘Identity and Diversity Anthropology’ I then selected all the pages with interesting or applicable sentences applying to Identity and Diversity and looked through them, closing those that didn’t apply to my needs and those trying to sell me books. I was left with sites that had the information I was looking for. [sic]

#2: Marcello, 19yrs, second year student

Query: Information on the Italian team for the European football

Search: I typed into google “Italian football 2012” a lot of information was found on the latest results, but I already knew about. So I narrowed my search The Italian football team, where I got a detailed view of players and matches still to come. I always look at the description underneath the heading and what site it comes firm. A lot of information is out of date or irrelevant and so I can filter my search to main web pages such as ESPN soccernet. I trusted this site as is a main source of sports new’s in America. [sic]

#3: Sian, 19yrs, third year student

Query: A friend and I were curious to see a picture of the child of Edward and Bella Cullen of the Twilight Series who is in the next upcoming movie

Search: I went to Google and clicked on ‘Images@ at the top and typed in the name of the child ‘Renesmee Cullen’ and many photo’s of her came up on the search engine page. I trusted this information because I use Google to search for everything on the internet and it has always been a liable source. There were also many different professional photos of the child with Edward and Bella Cullen taken as advertising for the movie. [sic]

#4: Jonis, 19yrs, second year student

Query:  A brief outline of the life of William Wordsworth

Search: I simply typed “William Wordsworth” into Google. What popped up included several entries that were anthologies of his poetry. Fortunately I didn’t need to re-search to get what I was looking for because a Wikipedia entry also popped up and I used that because I had used Wikipedia before and I find it quite useful in getting general overviews on topics. I know that Wikipedia is not the most reliable site and that they often get stuff wrong, but for what I was looking for it was more than enough. I didn’t need it as a reference, but rather to clarify some things for me. [sic]

#5: Bronte, 20yrs, third-year student

Query: How to make vanilla icing for cupcakes

Search: First I got the idea from a friend whose house I was visiting, who told me the basic ingredients but not the process and other ingredients I may have needed. So I then typed into google- “how to make cupcake vanilla icing” and chose the first option that appeared. I trusted the first option that appeared because I saw it was from an online cookery book, which had the option for blog comments and all the comments about the recipe seemed good. [sic]