*please note, in the above circle “1B & 3A”, the word “expert” refers to specific individuals as well as the online community that have posted ratings and comments on a website.

Examples of search diary entries:

#1: Georgina, 20yrs, third year student

Query: I wanted to find a dog parlour in Grahamstown to wash my dog.

Search: I firstly asked my digs mates to see if anyone of them knew of a dog parlour, and they didn’t know of any. I then decided to go on to the internet and I typed into Google dog parlours in Grahamstown, it came up with a few pet stores in Grahamstown but no dog parlours. I then decided to go on to one of the pet shop websites and get their number to phone the pet shop to ask if they knew of any parlours. I phoned the first pet shop I found, and they told me of a pet shop that they recommend to a number of their customers. I found this source very reliable because I got a hold of the dog parlour and found out when they are open and willing to clean my dog. [sic]

#2: Nikita, 20yrs, third year student

Query:  An online computer game.

Search: I first typed into Google “online games” but this search came back with many games that needed to be paid for in order to be downloaded and installed. I then asked my digs mate Sian Collins for the name of the game that she had previously played. Once she told me the name of the game “Achtung”" I then typed it into Google and it came up as the first selection. [sic]

#3: Tristan, 19yrs, second year student

Query:  A house in Grahamstown for next year. For rent.

Search: I searched on Google “digs in Grahamstown”. The I selected the second link “MyDigs.com”, because I have heard people talking about this website before, and the website is in partnership with real estate agents such as Remax and Pam Golding. I then searched for digs on this website that were available in 2013. [sic]

#4: Ashlee, 20yrs, second-year student

Query: Definition of “la belle dame sans merci”

 Search: I typed “Translate” into Google and clicked onto Google translate. I typed la belle dame sans merci into it but the translation was foggy and did not make sense. I then typed “la belle dame sans merci definition” into Google and got what I was looking for in the first link. It had a similar, more refined answer to the actual translation I first encountered. I usually trust multiple sources with the same answer. [sic]

#5: Marcello, 19yrs, second-year student

Query: If the story behind the movie ‘Project X’ was true

 Search: I typed into google “Project x”. the results came out only on the details and trailer of the film. I added the word true and the google’s drop down list helped me add Australia. I then saw a bunch of blogs and found close to the top I found a youtube clip where a reporter had interviewed him. This information wasn’t so relevant and I just wanted the main points of the information. Well I believe media stations to be reliable and because it was an interview I chose to trust it as it was the actual party involved. I felt the blogs would lead me astray from the truth as I didn’t know there motive behind commenting and it would have been opinion based and I was looking for more fact based answers. [sic]