Research and Guest Blog Posts

Blog post, To  Work or Play: A case of the boos: what digital media professionals can learn from the booing of SA President Jacob Zuma?

Blog post, Talkwalker blog: 13 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014 from the Experts 

Profile, To Work or Play: Musings from a workmate

Panel Host, Social Media Marketing 2013 presented by Our Social Times: Who are the real influencers? 

Webinar, Our Social Times: How to identify online influencers 

Blog post, Huffington Post: A Non-Muslim take on Ramadan

Story, Let’s Colour (Dulux): We’re all rainbows

Assistant researcher on Wearable Technology project, CAST Goldsmiths College. Whitepaper for Rackspace can be read here: The Human Cloud. Coverage was gained on the following websites:

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