… customise the chrome extension for researchers

The Google Chrome extension for researchers, is a hack of an existing Google extension whereby an individual can email a URL to a friend. My hack of the extension hopefully provides researchers with a new way of collecting data from research participants on the Internet. Read more and see the extension in action here.

Before you can customise the extension so that it that includes your own email address instead of mine, the first thing you have to do is download it. Download the extension pack here: Extension pack

It should have downloaded into your ‘Download’ folder. Once you locate it, unzip the file (it’s called “email_this_pageDEMO”). You’ll see that the folder contains the following files:

Now you’re going to manipulate some code, don’t worry I’ve made it super easy for you =)

Right-click on popup.js and open the file with ‘Text Edit’ or similar text editing programming. Look for my email address in the code and replace it with your email address. Save and close.

Super easy, right?

Now you have to do something similar with the HTML file. This is a little bit of a longer process. Not more difficult just longer.

Double-click on the popup.html file and open it up in your Google Chrome browser. Click ‘View’, then ‘Developer’, then ‘View Source’ – like this.

You should then see something that looks like this…

Copy and paste the code into a TextEdit file and turn it into plain text by clicking on ‘Format’ and then ‘Make Plain Text’.

It should now look like this (minus the highlighted blue bit… this part comes next):

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