Chrome extension: For Researchers

The second extension I developed was borne out of an idea I had once I had completed the search diary process and became reflexive on how I could have made this easier for myself as a researcher as well as the participants.

Upon hindsight, I would have found it really interesting if each search diary included the URL of the website each participant decided included trustworthy information. Although I don’t feel that my research suffered as a result of this, one participant did include the URL in each of his search diaries and this provided an added layer of rich data.

My second extension is a hack of an existing extension developed by Google. The existing extension allowed you to email the URL of a website you’re on to a friend. By simply clicking the extension it opened up an email and included the URL of the website you were on in the body of the email.

My hack of this extension includes a pop-up reminding the user to email through their search diary, new icon graphics and additional information in the body of the email. With the inclusion of my hack, the extension originally developed by Google now works like this: once the user clicks on extension in their browser a pop-up box appears reminding them to email their search diary. The user clicks on the ‘email’ link in the pop-up and it opens up an email with the researcher’s email address, subject line and additional copy added to the body of the email.

This extension is not live in the Google App Store as it involves a tiny bit of customising on behalf of each researcher as to include their own email address. Click here for the tutorial on how to add your email address – it’s really easy and you don’t have to code a thing!

I sincerely hope that this extension becomes a new and innovative way to collect data from research participants on the Internet.

Here’s a video of the extension in action:

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