… add Google Analytics to your WordPress site

It’s really important to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site. Why? Because that way you can monitor the activity on your website. You’ll be able to see how people found your website (through a Google search, or through social media links), where in the world your visitors live, how many people visit your site every day and every month. It’s really powerful. As a result of this data, you’ll also be able to see which sections of your site are being visited the most and which sections aren’t getting too many views. This is really insightful knowledge to have as you’ll be better informed as what content to write more of and what content you should be promoting more.

Adding Google Analytics to your site is really easy.

Firstly, go to the Google Analytics website and either sign in for an account, or, if you have a Gmail account already, simply sign in.

Once you’ve done that you should see a screen that looks similar to this.

Now you need to create a new account. Click o

n ‘Admin’ in the top right corner. And then select the ‘+ New Account’ button.


Fill out the details accordingly. In the section where it asks you “Website’s URL”, select “http://” and then type in your URL starting with the “www” bit.

Like this…

See I told you this was really easy =)


Once you’ve signed up to their user agreement,¬†submit your form. You’ll then be directed to a page like this.


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