My name is Lisa Talia Moretti. This website represents my final project, Just Trust Me, that I carried out while completing my MSc Digital Sociology at Goldsmiths College. It has since evolved slightly to include other work I’ve authored.

I find the relationship people have with technology and the Internet completely and utterly fascinating. I’m curious about how people integrate technology/the Internet into their lives, how they express themselves and how they reach out and connect and engage with others using new tools and media. I love discovering how I can better research and understand this complex side to human life using different digital tools and methods.

Just Trust Me was an ethnography into online trust markers: how do individuals decide if they should trust the information they have come across during an online search?

The purpose of this website is to document and present my findings, but more specifically, to serve as a reference, guide or starting point for any other sociologists/ethnographers who wish to to carry out their own research in this area.

To read about the Just Trust Me research project in full, please feel free to download my work here.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me on:

Email: lisatalia.moretti@gmail.com

Twitter: @LisaTalia

LinkedIn: Lisa Talia Moretti

Alternatively, find out more about CAST and the Digital Sociology Master’s course