Monthly archive July, 2012
... add Google Analytics to your Wordpress site

… add Google Analytics to your WordPress site

It’s really important to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site. Why? Because that way you can monitor the activity on your website. You’ll be able to see how people found your website (through a Google search, or through social media links), where in the world your visitors live, how many people visit your site...
Trust: thoughts and feelings

Trust: thoughts and feelings

While researching trust in online sources of information, it was important for me to ask those I was interviewing what they thought about trust. As a result, I asked respondents the following question: “When I say “trust” what do you think and/or feel?” These were the most common words, thoughts and feelings that emerged from...
... create an infographic

… create an infographic

Infographics used to be expensive, time-consuming and quite tricky to put together. It’s not that way anymore. I recently discovered a number of websites that allow you to create your own infographics using already designed templates. They’re really easy to use. Most of them allow you to choose between a wide variety of background colours,...
... set up and host your own Wordpress blog

… set up and host your own WordPress blog

Being able to set up and host your own WordPress blog is a great idea for many reasons. As a researcher/ethnographer/sociologist, it means that you get to ‘own’ a space in which to present your project. That space is controlled by you and has the potential to become a place for engagement and participation. It’s...

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